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Raises low total alkalinity levels and brings them to the proper range.

Helps prevent corrosion and pH "bounce".

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What is Total Alkalinity Up and what does it do?
Total Alkalinity is a measure of the amount of alkaline salts in pool water, which is a very important contributor to proper chemistry, being a “buffer” or governor of pH.

Low total alkalinity levels will cause an unsteady pH value that "bounces" up and down, as well as corrosion.

High levels of total alkalinity cause scale formation.

Properly-balanced total alkalinity levels will help maintain a steady pH value and therefore reduce the fluctuation of pH levels.

When do I add Total Alkalinity Up?
Test the pool water with a reliable test kit.  Add Total Alkalinity Up if the alkalinity range is below 100 ppm.

Read the directions on the back of the container used and follow the dosage chart to raise total alkalinity to the correct levels.

When can I use the pool?
Wait 15 minutes before using the pool.


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