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Raises calcium hardness levels in pool water.

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What does Calcium Hardness Increaser do?
Certain “metals” must be present to satisfy water’s aggressive needs for metals. This is measured in terms of calcium and magnesium. When not met this results in corroding your equipment and pool walls.

When added to the water, Calcium Hardness Increaser raises the amount of calcium in the water, satisfying the water's demand.

When do I add Calcium Hardness Increaser?
If the calcium level is less than 200 ppm, add Calcium Hardness Increaser.

Calcium Hardness Increaser should be used at the time of the initial fill if the water source is soft water.


Take a sample to your authorized Tabex dealer to have it tested.  Predissolve the recommended dosage in a pail of water and slowly pour into the pool/spa water.

When can I use the pool?
Wait one hour before using the pool.



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