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Non-chlorine shock treatment.

Oxidizes combined chlorine (chloramines) quickly.

Clarifies cloudy pool water.

Shock and swim in only 15 minutes.

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14-1015001500 gUNIT1
14-1015001500 gCASE18
14-101111 kgUNIT1
14-101111 kgCASE12
14-10125012.5 KgUNIT1
14-10125012.5 KgCASE6



What is Shock ‘N Swim?
A long-lasting, odorless, oxidizing agent that works to remove organic contaminants and combined chlorine.

Oxidizes and eradicates contaminants.

Why are shock treatments necessary?
So that materials that place a demand on chlorine are removed from the pool water, such as ammonia, amino acids, skin, suntan lotion, hair spray, leaves, grass, insects, and other organic material.

Prevent the formation of combined chlorine (chloramines), a less effective disinfectant that causes “burning eyes” and a strong chlorine odor.

Why is Shock ‘N Swim a more effective shock treatment than superchlorination?
It is completely soluble , leaving more material to oxidize contaminants per dose.

There is no extended waiting period to use the pool after a shock treatment.

Dosage Rates
Add an initial dose of 120 g of Shock ‘N Swim per 10,000 L of pool water directly to the surface of the pool concentrating the dosage at the deep end.

Every week thereafter, add 120 g of Shock ‘N Swim per 10,000 L of pool water as a maintenance dose.


When do I use Shock ‘N Swim?
The best time to treat pool contamination is before there is a problem with chloramines, during the initial fill, weekly maintenance, after heavy rainfall, and before a pool party.

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