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A concentrated liquid formula designed to sequester metals such as iron, copper and manganese from pool water.

Prevents stains on pool surfaces.

Protects pool equipment from corrosion.

Prevents scaling of pool equipment and other surfaces.

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14-1035001500 mLUNIT1
14-1035001500 mLCASE18
14-103111 LUNIT1
14-103111 LCASE12



How does Pool Secure work?
By suspending mineral deposits in the water, Pool Secure prevents them from latching onto pool surfaces and causing stains.

In the case of calcium, Pool Secure will prevent pitting and scaling of pools surfaces as well as clogged filter elements which reduce the filter’s efficiency.

It forms a microscopic film coating on interior surfaces and piping, making them impenetrable to oxygen, which protects pipes and filter elements by reducing the problems caused by oxidization and metallic corrosion.

Dosage Rates
Add 120 mL of Pool Secure for every 10,000 L pool water, directly to the pool water, concentrating dosage over existing stains.

When can I use the pool?
The pool is safe to use 15 minutes after treatment.

When do I use it?
It should be added any time a substantial amount of new fill water is added to the swimming pool, as well as being a part of your regular maintenance routine to prevent stain and scale formation.

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