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A highly concentrated algaecide, effective at killing all strains of troublesome algae.

Contains chelated copper, an effective algae killer.

Effective within a wide pH range.

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14-105111 LUNIT1
14-105111 LCASE12



How does Algysolve 2250 work?
Being stable and non-volatile allows it to remain active in water.

It works continuously to prevent further algae growth.


Why isn’t chlorine an effective treatment against algae?
At recommended dosage to sanitize a pool, though an effective germicide, may not kill many types of algae commonly found in swimming pools.

Many strains of algae have become so resistant that up to 40 ppm of chlorine will not kill them.

Algae growth exerts “chlorine demand” on free chlorine so that chlorine is weakened and has a difficult time maintaining residual enough to kill bacteria.


Dosage Rates
For freshly filled pools add 60 - 80 mL per 10,000 L directly to the pool water.

For weekly maintenance add 30 - 50 mL per 10,000 L pool water.

For visible algae add 150 mL per 10,000 L pool water.


When do I use Algysolve 2250?
The best time to treat algae is before its spores become active in pool water.

The longer algae remains in a pool, the more difficult it becomes to kill.  Keeping a constant supply in the pool helps prevent algae.

Add Algysolve 2250 weekly to maintain algae-free water.

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