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A superior 4-in-1 clarifier.

Clarifies cloudy water, removes metals, eliminates oils and improves filter efficiency.

Sequesters stain-causing metals like copper, zinc and manganese.

Regular use of Super Clear-It will help maintain sparkling, crystal-clear water.

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What is Super Clear-It?

A superior 4-in-1 clarifier for swimming pools, spas, fountains, water parks, ponds, aquariums, and similar facilities.

It has a specially-formulated biopolymer molecular structure that allows for a variety of uses.



1. Clean or backwash filter if applying initial dose.

2. Initial treatment: In a 20 L bucket of water, dilute 40 mL of Super Clear-It for every 10,000 L of pool water, and
    pour solution into water.

3. Weekly treatment: Pour 20 ml per 10 000 L of pool water.

Allow at least 6 hours of continuous filtration for best results

Under normal conditions, use Super Clear-It every two weeks to maintain sparkling-clear swimming pool water

**NOTE** Be sure to backwash the filter regularly as it will be working at a more efficient level.

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