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An all-purpose acidic formulation.


Removes grease, dirt, stains and grime from swimming pool and spa surfaces.

Removes unsightly water line marks on coping, vinyl and grout.

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How does Tile & Vinyl Cleaner work?
Cleaning problems such as caked on mineral deposits, body oils, dirt and grime from outside exposure are problems experienced with pool and spa surfaces.

Tile & Vinyl Cleaner works by chemically attacking, breaking down, and removing these mineral deposits as well as the grease, dirt and grime, with an acidic formulation that is safe and non-abrasive.

Apply with a wet sponge, clean cloth, or apply directly onto surface being cleaned.

The amount employed may vary depending on build-up of dirt and grime.

Scrub as needed, then rinse entire area with pool or spa water to leave a clean surface.

When can I use the pool?
The pool is safe 15 minutes after treatment.

When do I use it?
Use on any swimming pool surface that needs to be cleaned of dirt, grime, oils or hard water stains.

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