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A highly-concentrated swimming pool water flocculant, for use on pools with sand filters.

Promotes good filtration - when used regularly, it will assure crystal clear water under all conditions.

Compatible with any type of chlorine, bromine, or salt chlorination system.



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14-114111 LUNIT1
14-114111 LCASE12



How does Klear Floc work?
It reduces the organic contamination of the water by binding fine, suspended particles, much too small for the filter to trap, making them larger groups of particles.

In the large groups, the particles are trapped in the filter and removed from the pool water.

When used regularly, Klear Floc will actually reduce the amount of chlorine or algaecide you will need to keep your pool sparkling clear.

Dosage Rates

For heavily contaminated pools: Premix 200 mL per 10,000 L of pool water in a pail of water and broadcast over the pool’s surface.

Wait 12 hours before vacuuming the settled debris to waste.

For cloudy water conditions: Premix 30-50 mL per 10,000 L of pool water in a large pail of water and add directly to the skimmer.

Backwash the filter the next day.

When can I use the pool?
The pool is safe to use 15 minutes after treatment.

When do I use it?
Immediately after a heavy rainfall, before a pool party, after a shock treatment or whenever cloudy or turbid water conditions exist.

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