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Composed of Calcium Hypochlorite 65%.

An unstabilized chlorinated oxidizer / super-chlorinator.

May be used as a primary sanitizer to kill bacteria, or as a shock treatment, to oxidize organic material in swimming pool water.

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18-502112 kgUNIT1
18-502112 kgCASE6
18-5077 kgUNIT1
18-501818 kgUNIT1



How does Blast work?
Disinfects (or sanitizes) and oxidizes through the burn out process, which purges the pool water from organic contamination.

Once dissolved in water, Hypochlorous Acid is produced which is the compound that disinfects water and oxidizes organics.

Types of Chlorine
Hypochlorous Acid/Hypochlorite Ion which is already in your pool, ready to destroy any new bacteria or organics. Proper levels of FAC assure proper protection for the swimmer.

When free chlorine reacts with organic materials, chloramines are created (combined chlorine). This results in eye burn and strong chlorine odor.

The sum of the other two residuals.

Dosage Rates
Pre-dissolve the recommended dosage in a clean plastic pail with concentration not exceeding 1 kg per 10 L of water.
**NOTE** Always add chemicals to water, and NEVER water to chemicals.

For the initial fill, add 150 g of Blast per 10,000 L to establish a chlorine residual.  For best results, add dosage at dusk.

Daily maintenance is 30 g per 10,000 L broadcasted over the pool’s surface.

When do I use Blast?
Blast is appropriate for indoor pools where no stabilizer is needed.

Blast can be used in outdoor pools in conjunction with Tabex Stabilizer.

Blast can also be used as a super-chlorinator or shock treatment.

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