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An alternative sanitizer to chlorine, for pools and spas.

Bromine does not contribute to skin or eye irritations for the bather.

Automated process when used with a brominator.


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18-60212 kgUNIT1
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What are Bromine Tablets?
Bromine is an alternative to chlorine sanitizers.

Bromine cannot form “combined chlorine” or “chloramines”. Unlike with chlorine, bromamines are still highly effective at killing bacteria.

Bromine does not contribute to the pool environment having a strong odor or the “burning eyes” effect of chloramines.

How do Bromine Tablets work?
Bromine Tabs are a swimming pool/spa sanitizer.  They disinfect and oxidize organic contamination.  Once in water they produce Hypobromous Acid, which disinfects the water and oxidizes organics.

Dosage Rates
Add Bromine Tablets to a clean automatic feeding device / brominator (pools or spas), or a floating feeder (spas only).

Check levels regularly and add Bromine Tablets as required, to maintain 2.0 - 6.0 ppm of Total Bromine.

When do I use Bromine Tablets?
They are often recommended for indoor pools and spas/hot tubs because they do not contain a stabilizer and cannot be used with cyanuric acid stabilizers.

Whenever an alternative to a chlorine-based pool care system is desired.

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