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Controls bacteria and algae in spa water.

Part "B" of a 2-product bromine sanitizer system.

Provides bromine sanitation when used in conjunction with Tabex Brome Plus.

Dissolves thoroughly, leaves no residue.

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14-2015001500 grUNIT1
14-2015001500 grCASE18
14-201111 kgUNIT1
14-201111 kgCASE12
14-20125012.5 kgUNIT1
14-20125012.5 kgCASE6




Fresh fill: Add 125 g of Tabex Shock ‘N Soak per 1,000 L of spa water after Tabex Brome Plus has been added.
Maintenance: Add 30 g per 1,000 L daily to keep bromine residuals in proper range.

When can I use the spa/hot tub?
Before entering the spa, allow water to circulate at least 15 minutes after adding Shock ‘N Soak.

When do I add Shock ‘N Soak?
Add daily to maintain the bromine residual in proper range.

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