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Instantly establishes a bromine bank in spa water.

Part "A" of a 2-part bromine-based sanitizer system.

Provides bromine sanitation in spa water when used in conjunction with Tabex Shock 'N Soak.

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14-202111 LUNIT1
14-202111 LCASE12



Dosage Rates

♦ 125 mL of Brome Plus per 1,000 L of freshly-filled spa water, and
♦ 30 mL of Brome Plus per 1,000 L spa water every week, and
♦ then add Tabex Shock ‘N Soak as directed.

When can I use the spa/hot tub?

♦ Wait 15 minutes after adding Shock ‘N Soak before entering spa

When do I add Brome Plus?

♦ Add Brome Plus once a week to maintain the bromide bank within the spa/hot tub.
♦ Heavy bather loads may require more frequent additions.
♦ Always test spa water before adding chemicals.

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