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Concentrated filter cleaner.

Designed for use with spa and hot tub cartridge filters.

Increases the efficiency of the filter by dissolving scale, lotion, greases and oils.

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14-205111 LUNIT1
14-205111 LCASE12




♦ Add 500 mL of Filter Wash into 10 L of warm water.
♦ Place the filter cartridge in this solution and allow to soak for 12 hours.
♦ After 12 hours, remove the filter from the solution, rinse thoroughly with a garden hose and allow it to drain before placing in cartridge housing.

When do I use Filter Wash?

♦ As part of your regularly-scheduled spa maintenance program.


** TIP ** Purchase two filter elements so that one can soak while the other is in use; that way, spa usage will not be interrupted.

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