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An effective chlorine-generating cell cleaner.

Formulated to quickly remove scale, body oils and organic debris.

Does not give off objectionable fumes (like when using muriatic acid).

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14-604111 LUNIT1
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First, flush the cell using a garden hose and spray nozzle attachment to remove any loose or excess debris.

Pour the Lectra Clean solution into a clean, empty, polyethylene vessel.

Immerse the cells into the solution, ensuring there is adequate product to completely cover the blade surface.  Foaming will be very evident as Lectra Clean works to remove the debris from the blade surface, which is natural and will subside after a few minutes.

Remove the cell from the solution, rinse it off with fresh water and inspect it for cleanliness.  Heavily-scaled cells may require a second application with fresh cleaning solution.

When do I use Lectra Clean?
Whenever you observe a heavy build-up on the cell blades, which is caused by alkalinity, calcium, oils and organic debris.

This heavy build-up will reduce the amount of chlorine produced, and make the cell work harder to produce it, which shortens the life of the cell.

Once this build-up is suspected, the cell should be inspected and if a build-up is detected, the cells should be cleaned with Lectra Clean to increase the productivity of the cell.

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