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A New Spin on Precision Water Analysis


So simple anyone can use it!

Just fill disk with sample and spin.

All test results in 60 seconds.

Precise wet chemistry.

Pre-measured reagents and sample amounts.

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2 Year Warranty

A revolutionary, new in-store lab is here! Now let the innovative WaterLink® Spin photometer do all your pool and spa water testing for you.  Just fill one unique Spin reagent disk with water and vital tests are done automatically.

In just 60 seconds, all the test results are transferred into the DataMate software (sold separately) and analyzed to display results and recommend precise treatment instructions.  Remove the disk and you are ready for the next customer.

This ground-breaking analysis method is so simple anyone can do it!  Each sealed reagent disk contains the precise amount of reagent needed to run a complete series of tests.

No measuring water, no vials, no prep time!

1. Inject Water Into Disk

fill disk

2. Insert Disk Into Reader

insert disk

3. Click "Run Test"

Waterlink Spin Lab

Just Fill and Spin

LaMotte's Research and Development team spent 7 years pioneering this new technology.

All you do is add pool or spa water to the disk to measure all of the tests in just 60 seconds.

It's the most advanced system for precise use of wet chemistry methods ever produced.

Now in-store pool and spa analysts can achieve greater precision than current water labs without time consuming procedures or sacrificing accuracy by using test strip scanners.


Watch the video here:


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