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COUNTER LAB Rx 2 (60 mL)





Fits into tight areas - has a small footprint (18" wide x 9" deep).

Projects professionalism - attractive, low-maintenance housing.

Super-accurate, wide-ranging chlorine test - results will not bleach out in superchlorinated water up to 20 ppm.

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04-K0206KITIn-store Testing Station1



Taylor's newest testing system, with its small footprint (18" wide x 9" deep) the Counterlab Rx 2™ (K-0206) is “just the prescription” for retailers with limited counter space in their water-testing station.  Nevertheless, the latest generation of the Rx liquid-reagent lab makes an impressive display for customers.

Its powder-coated aluminum base houses a SpeedStir® magnetic stirrer for easy and complete titrations; a Dalite lamp for true color-matching indoors; the same chemistries as Taylor’s best-selling Service Complete™ kit (K-2006C), including the FAS-DPD method for sanitizer testing.


Counterlab Rx 2 Features:

Projects professionalism - attractive, low-maintenance housing keeps reagents and testing apparatus organized.

Test methods are quick and easy to perform - over many years they have proven to yield results that can be relied upon to treat problem water.

Super-accurate, wide-ranging chlorine test - FAS-DPD will detect combined chlorine as low as 0.2 ppm, and will not bleach out in superchlorinated water up to 20 ppm. Unit Dose Dispenser cranks out the right amount of DPD Powder every time.

No more flicking! SampleSizers will displace exactly the right amount of water to leave the correct volume for a test in the sample tube (10, 25,or 44 mL).

Daylight simulator ensures true color matches indoors.

Magnetic stirrer eliminates manual swirling—mixes reagents into samples fast and thoroughly; lighted base clearly shows the endpoint color of a titration.

Sliderule-like Watergram does the number crunching for water balance calculations, making it easy to play with different treatment scenarios.

Chemistry primer makes complex subjects comprehensible for the average person.

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