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Provides the pool professional a portable laboratory which can be used any time.

Comes with a Slide comparator with liquid color standards - allows precise determinations of pH, sanitizer, iron and copper levels.

Simple drop titrations are used for acid and base demand, total alkalinity and hardness analyses.

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04-K1741KITLike having a poolside laboratory



Taylor's Professional Complete™ kit  includes the booklet "Pool & Spa Chemistry, a Testing & Treatment Guide with Tables" and the Watergram, a slide wheel which correlates pH, temperature, calcium hardness and total alkalinity for balanced water.


CONTAINS: 04-R0001C1, 04-R0011LC1, 04-R0002C1, 04-R0012C1, 04-R0003C1, 04-R0013C1, 04-R0007C1, 04-R0853C, 04-R0008C1, 04-R0862C, 04-R0009C1, 04-R1003JC1, 04-R0010C1

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